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Arctic 4 light

Arctic 4 light

This is a new Arctic boat model specially developed for the Finnish Fire Rescue Brigades. The 4-meter boat is so light, it can be carried around by 4 people. It is equipped with a 20 hp engine and has a detachable middle seat that can function as an equipment carrying case.

This small boat originally intended for 3 people. In the CE certification test, however, we found that the boat can carry 6–7 people. The boat is really stable and safe.

The hull is divided into 3 watertight sections and additionally can be filled with flotation bags. A fully loaded boat would not sink even if shot by a rifle. HMW Polyethylene is the best material for sturdy workboats that have to endure rough treatment.

There is a PE500 protection sheet wrapped around the keel so that the boat can easily be dragged on the ground or on the winter ice. Arctic 4 is intended as a quick deployment vehicle to assist in sea rescue, oil recovery or a daughter boat on bigger vessels.
The light weight of the boat makes it easy to launch anyplace. A launch ramp is not needed because 4 people can carry the empty boat. Despite its low weight, the boat is rigid and durable.

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