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Srb 76

SRB 76

It is powered by 2 x 200hp four stroke outboards. Inside, there are 4 jockey seats or helm seats and in the front part, there is plenty of room for storing equipment and also a stretcher.

The material used in our boats is HMWPE, High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, which is a durable polymer. The abrasion resistance of this material is superior and is suited for rough use and also for oil spill recovery. The sea keeping characteristics of our boats resemble the characteristics of the RIB boat. The boat interior is spacious thanks to D-shaped fender. Unlike the RIB boat, the pontoons of the RBB (Rigid Buoyancy Boat) boat never loosen up or flatten, making the boat safe and resilient. The RBB boat has a very low life-cycle cost compared to other boat types due to the reduced need for repair and overhaul. This boat has a light GRP Divinycell sandwich cabin that can be customized to your needs. There is room for 4 jockey seats and in the front locker, there is plenty of storage space.

The A28 CAB underwent a Capsize test with the weights of engines, fuel and rescue equipment added. The Henshaw righting bag can be activated both manually and automatically.

The bag turned the boat back on its keel in 20 seconds after activation. Additionally, there was an air pocket over half a meter high inside the cabin when the boat was upside down.

The boat can be delivered with a half-open cabin or with a rear door. In either case, we recommend the use of a righting bag to ensure the safety of the crew.

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